Controller for water heating from photovoltaic panels

The specialized controller VOLTIC, enables connecting photovoltaic (PV) panels directly to the heater, no need to change the water heater!

  • Description

    The innovative system for water heating VOLTIC capturing fully the solar energy coming from photovoltaic panels. The intermittent energy of the sun is stored in water heater so it can be used when needed – day or night.

    Standard heating element is used with no need of wiring modification. There is no need of additional installation as pipes, valves or pumps unlike the solar thermal systems. The simplicity of the system along with the panel long life, guarantee minimal maintenance and good investment in the long run.

    Main advantages of the system:

    • Eliminating the risk of overheating, in the case of excess energy, the controller terminates the water heating which does not damage the panels
    • Eliminating the risk of freezing, the photovoltaic panels increase their efficiency at lower temperatures
    • MPPT algorithm ensures that the maximum available power is produced from the sun, independent of the system setup or the solar radiation intensity
    • Automatic additional heating from mains when needed, according to user preset conditions, taking into account day and nigh tariff
    • High efficiency (up to 98%) of the controller, as there is no need to convert the direct current (DC) from the panels to alternating current (AC)
    • Autonomy, it works without mains power
    • Analysis of the system efficiency via detail monitoring and logging of the produced energy and visualizing it on the graphical display
    • Multiple protections in the controller protect the whole system in extreme cases
    • Remote control and monitoring by WiFi module and mobile application

    pdf VOLTIC Flyer

    pdf VOLTIC User Manual

  • Internet

    Always connected via the app!


    Installing additional WiFi module to VOLTIC connects the system to Internet. The device connects to the remote monitoring and control service tRemote, which gives you access to your systema from anywhere anytime.

    You can download the app from:

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Additional information

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